7 Bands Fusing Heavy Metal and J-Pop

Everybody knows BABYMETAL and their adorable merger of cute J-Pop and bone-crushing Heavy Metal, however many other bands are helping give way to the current Kawaii Metal movment, because of that here are 7 Bands Fusing Heavy Metal and J-Pop.


Alternative Metal band Dazzle Vision arguably created Kawaii Metal and Kawaii Death on their debut LP Camellia Japonica with its merger of Alternative Metal, J-Pop and Post-Hardcore. Formed in 2003, by brother and sister Takuro and Maiko Hakaine who took up bass and vocals respectively, Dazzle Vision then broke up in 2015.


Almost as famous as BABYMETAL, LADYBABY carry on the traditions of previous Kawaii Death bands while also innovating in a fusion Kawaii Metal and Metalcore, dubbed Kawaiicore by the band. Formed by Australian cross-dressing wrestler Richard Magarey and idols Rei Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko, LADYBABY  were formed in 2013, however recently Magarey departed from the group leading to the group changing their name to “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY“.

Brand-new idol Society

Often abbreviated to BiS, Brand-new idol Society are a Japanese Kawaii Metal band who (beginning on their 2012 EP, Bisukete) infused Alternative Metal, EDM, Melodic Death Metal a typical Japanese Hard Rock style into their J-Pop Idol sound.

Brand-New idol Society have been called “Alternative Idols” as they have abandoned the squeaky-clean aesthetic of typical idol groups, being replaced by music videos depicting crime, nudity, sexual violence, crucifixion and pornography.


Formed in 2013, the four piece girl group was originally formed by Noa Minami and Yuri Kurohara before recruiting Yuna Imada and Kaede Takashima in 2014. Additionally, 2015 brought the departure of Kurohara and the recruitment of Hinako Ogami.  Releasing their debut studio album All Is Vanity in 2014, Passcode merge elements of J-Pop, EDM and Electronica with Post-Hardcore and Metalcore to create a frantic form of Kawaiicore that jumps from chugging breakdowns and EDM instrumentals to break neck pace palm muted verses (reminiscent of Melodic Hardcore Punk band Pennywise) and auto tuned choruses in a matter of seconds.

Blood Stain Child

While not a Kawaii Metal band in their own right, Blood Stain Child helped give way to the genre with its fusion of Trance, Melodic Death Metal and the occasional usage of J-Pop elements, especially in the 2007 with the hiring of female lead vocalist Sadew.

Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone

Founded in 2013, South Korean group, Pretty Rangers In Terrible Zone (often abbreviated to “Pritz“) began to merge Metal elements into their Gaijin J-Pop sound in 2014, with their single “솔아솔아 (sorasora)“. However are currently inactive.


Formed in 2013 the Kawaii Metal quartet, DEATHRABBITS continue the style of LADYBABY, by having a non-idol member participating in unclean vocals. Additionally the fifteen, fourteen and thirty eight year-olds have played a show with Kawaii Death band Ladybaby, called “LADYBABY vs DEATHRABBITS – End of the year Deathmatch!


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