Everything We Know About Sum 41’s 13 Voices

With Canadian Alternative Metal band, Sum 41’s seventh studio album, 13 Voices, set for a release on October 7th, 2016, here is: Everything We Know About Sum 41’s 13 Voices (as of September 18, 2016).

The Track Listing

The band released on June 6, 2016 via various social media accounts that 13 Voices will be ten tracks long and consist of:

  1. A Murder Of Crows
  2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
  3. Fake My Own Death
  4. Breaking The Chain
  5. There Will Be Blood
  6. 13 Voices
  7. War
  8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)
  9. The Fall And The Rise
  10. Twisted by Design

Additionally, the deluxe edition will contain four bonus tracks:

  • Better Days
  • Black Eyes
  • War (acoustic)
  • Breaking The Chain (acoustic)

The capitalization on God Save Us All (Death to POP) may also elude to a different meaning than what it seems at first glance (possibly referring to the pop of uncorking a bottle?).

Along with this, the band released the album’s artwork:


They Don’t Want To Repeat A Previous Album

In the “Behind The Scenes” footage for the band’s fourth album, Chuck, McCaslin describes how they “make a point not to record the same album over and over”.

This is evident by the band’s constantly changing genre from album to album (from Pop Punk to Melodic Hardcore to Alternative Metal to Alternative Rock, etc.).

Additionally, in a 2016 interview with SPARK TV, Baksh mentioned that “It’s a culmination of all the styles in the past, it’s a good collection of everything”.

Dave’s Back!

Lead guitarist Dave Baksh returned on the 2015 APMAs, meaning the band now has three guitarists: Dave Baksh, Tom Thacker and Deryck Whibley.

For those unaware, Baksh departed in 2006, stating “Creative differences”, turning his side project, Brown Brigade, in to his main project (before leaving that in 2009 to pursue another former side project Organ Thieves) and subsequently Baksh’s place was filled in 2009 by Gob vocalist and guitarist Tom Thacker.

Steve’s Out!

On April 18, 2013, founding drummer Steve Jocz stated he would be leaving the band, later being replaced by Street Drums Corps drummer Frank Zummo.

The Songs Are About Deryck’s Struggle With Alcohol

As Deryck stated in a 2016 interview on Kerrang Radio “Every record is a snapshot of who I am at that period in my life, and this was at a period which was really difficult, I was going through recovery and kidney failure, I had just got out of the hospital, I was newly sober, there was all this self-doubt and insecurity and finding these new feeling and emotions for the first time and writing songs sober for the first time”.

It’s Going To Be Heavy, But There’s Something New…

In a 2016 interview with SPARK TV, Cone stated that “It sounds like Sum 41, but there’s some new stuff we haven’t done before, some new sounds. But still very heavy, aggressive, it’s a Sum 41 albums but there’s some new stuff on it too. [There is some] New instruments and new sounds that people haven’t heard from the band before. We’ve done strings in the past, but on these album that’s a little more apparent”.

This Is What Fake My Own Death Sounds Like

On June 28, 2016, Sum 41 released a music video for the album’s third track, Fake My Own Death.

The mix of Crossover Thrash and Biker Metal with Alternative Metal, may help it stand out against Chuck and Screaming Bloody Murder‘s mix of Melodic Hardcore and Alternative Metal (along with Thrash Metal on the former).

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Sum 41 has experimented with Crossover Thrash, remember A.N.I.C.?

This Is What War Sounds Like

On August 24, 2016, Sum 41 released the music video for the album’s seventh track; and first single; an Alternative Rock ballad, titled War.

The Teasers

The band have been releasing teasers via their Instagram and Facebook since June, 2014.

This is most likely the intro to a song (if not the intro to the album, possibly making it the beginning of A Murder Of Crows).

Teaser #4 has long been connected to Teaser #2, due to the pulsating guitar riff.

Likely a joke track, teaser #5 was seen at the end of some pledge music videos, appearing to be a banjo version of Fake My Own Death.

The first teasers with vocals (possibly) saying:

“Now I’m relying on that tears that I’ve made

They’re not enough, to take my pain away

They say that living is the hardest fight

But I say with every bit of my heart”

Teaser #7 has been connected with both A Murder of Crows and War as both “Crows” and “War” (however it has now been confirmed that it is not War) appear to be mention in the lyrics:

“But I sought out the crow.

War and piece at a dead end street,

I’m running

I feel cold but I’m running out of piece

You take your last breath and say

“Gold Bless Your Soul””

The simple power chord progression used in Teaser #8 sounds vaguely similar to that of Walking Disaster from Underclass Hero (however darker, as it’s most likely in a minor key).

The Groove Metal riff used in Teaser #9 is an interesting change of pace for Sum 41, as most of their heavier songs have been up-tempo.


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