Band of the Week #5

Band of the Week is a series that gives you a short synopsis of a band, you may not know, and their style.

Band of the Week #5: The White Noise


  • Hardcore Punk
  • Post-Hardcore
  • Melodic Hardcore
  • Melodic Metallic Hardcore

For Fans Of:

  • Beartooth
  • My Ticket Home
  • Black Flag
  • Sum 41

The White Noise are currently one of the most unique Punk bands in the scene, with their acidic fusion of Hardcore Punk, Melodic Hardcore and elements of Metalcore.

Growing out of the Dallas, Texas Electronicore act Set The Sun, who were formed in 2009, The White Noise’s current lineup consists of:

  • David Southern – Rhythm Guitar, Clean Vocals
  • Shawn Walker – Unclean Vocals
  • Josh “KJ” Strock – Lead Guitar
  • Bailey Crego – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Tommy West – Drums



(as Set The Sun)
  • Set The Sun (EP)
  • Desolate (EP)
  • Unreleased LP
(as The White Noise)
  • Aren’t You Glad? (EP)
  • Untitled 2017 LP


Check Them Out:






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