The Term “Melodic Hardcore”…

The term “Melodic Hardcore” seem to be thrown around more and more as time goes on, however the notion that Rise Against, Bad Religion and Pennywise sound similar to Counterparts, The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns makes no logical sense.

It seems that Melodic Hardcore has grown into two drastically different genres currently sharing the same name. For example, Illinois’ Rise Against draws from Hardcore Punk, where as California’s Stick To Your Guns draws heavily from Metalcore and Metallic Hardcore bands.

It seems the confusion comes from how the term “Hardcore” is now synonymous with both Hardcore Punk and Metal-Hardcore genres like Metalcore, Metallic Hardcore and Deathcore, and subsequently more melodic forms of Metal-Hardcore are dubbed “Melodic Hardcore”. Additionally, the usage of the term Melodic Metalcore, to describe bands who merge Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore, doesn’t help the argument either, as Stick To Your Guns could have easily been dubbed Melodic Metalcore, if it were not for the existing usage.

One way to differentiate between the two existing terms, would be to dub bands who draw from Metallic Hardcore and Metalcore “Melodic Metallic Hardcore”, to use Alternative Press‘ term of “Melodic Emotive Hardcore” (referencing Emotive Hardcore bands like Rites Of Spring) or to use Chicago Reader’s term “Modern Melodic Hardcore”.

Further Research:

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Chicago Reader: Touché Amoré set the standard for Modern Melodic Hardcore

For Contrast:


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