A.P.O.L.L.O release info on debut.

On August 22, 2016, anonymous Swedish Groove Metal band A.P.O.L.L.O released info on their coming EP, entitled Post-Modern.


Post-Modern is set for a release on January 13, 2017 and its track listing will consist of:

Track No. Track Title
1 The Fire
2 88
3 Demon Sky
4 Passover


Listeners became acquainted with A.P.O.L.L.O’s furious merger of Groove Metal, Death Metal and Thrash Metal from 2016’s demo tape, Apollo, and as of the release of Post-Modern, the band’s members consist of:

  • L. Akuma – co-Lead Vocals
  • Akuryō Överdängare – co-Lead Vocals
  • Styx Tanatalium – Lead Guitar
  • Kimaris Tanatalium – Lead Guitar
  • Dagon Darmsla – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • Adramelch Osmium – Bass
  • S. Tchort – Keyboard, Violin, Shamisen, Koto
  • Haborym Dubnium – Drums

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