Review: Set The Sun – Desolate


  • Metalcore
  • Post-Hardcore
  • Electronicore
  • Deathcore

For Fans Of:

  • Wage War
  • August Burns Red
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • Chelsea Grin

Desolate is the second EP from Texas Metalcore outfit Set The Sun (who later changed their name to The White Noise) released on September 21, 2011

Formed in 2009 by Clean Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist David Southern, and as of the making of this EP, the members consisted of:

  • David Southern – Clean Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Nate Anderson – Unclean Vocals
  • Arturo Pina – Lead Guitar
  • Dakota Price – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Brandon Daniels – Keyboard, Synthesizer
  • Alex Summers – Drums

Track 1: Desolate

The first single released off of Desolate (coinciding with the album’s release), this track is a constant barrage of the senses, pumped with Hardcore energy, however still with Set The Sun’s signature style.

From the first few seconds of the track, it is obvious that Arturo Pina’s guitar playing has improved greatly (since their debut). Within the verse riff, Pina has distinctly toned down the amount of chugging, being replaced with genuinely interesting lead guitar work. However incorporating chugging into the pre-chorus was not a fault as well, as he (unlike many Metalcore guitarists) was able to write riffs within them (helping give a fuller feel to track).

However due to the sheer energy in this track, I feel it would have been more appropriate to leave out Southern’s chorus, making for a more straight forward borderline-Deathcore song.

Track 2: Father Said

The second single released off of Desolate, released August 15, 2012, this song is likely to be the most memorable track on the EP, due to its infectious hooks of “Father Said” and “Make it out like you’ve got something to prove”.

The song begins with a gang chant backed by a grooving drum line and fuzzy, distorted guitar (that could very well have gone on to inspire Bring Me The Horizon‘s Happy Song). Before a build-up of feedback breaks into the first verse.

Similar to the previous track, this song is fast and heavy, however unlike Desolate, Father Said’s chorus is able to maintain the energy into the chorus.

Track 3: The Prince

The third single from Desolate, released on September 21, 2013,  The Prince is the heaviest song Set The Sun ever released. Reminiscent of Deathcore acts such as Chelsea Grin and Whitechapel, the song incorporates guttural false-chord screams and stereotypical deathcore riffage.

The heaviness is partially broken by Southern’s chorus, however instruments maintain the same power and with Anderson chiming in, it makes for an interesting and unique sound.


With Daniels taking a less prominent roll on this EP , Set The Sun were able to mature their sound, additionally Pina’s guitar playing has improved greatly since Set The Sun.



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